An Introduction to the Enneagram – Workshop Spring 2018

Realizing You Have a Choice! – Saturday, March 24, 2018

We have all felt frustrated by situations in our lives that seem to repeat themselves or conflicts that we were unsure how to move through.

The Enneagram can help us to see where we get stuck – what our automatic patterns are, and show us the path to growth. It is a dynamic symbol of transformation that can provide direction in our experience of being human and reveal a way of living life in harmony with the whole.

We will spend a full day exploring the nine different Enneagram personality types, through our structure as three-centred beings – head, heart and gut. Teaching will be accompanied by stories and sharing, allowing each of us to connect the Enneagram to our personal experiences.

This Introduction to the Enneagram provides a basic understanding of the symbol’s typology, opening the way to further exploration of the symbol’s spirituality and tools for the development of authentic selfhood and soul.

DATE: Saturday, March 24, 2018  – also offered in Spring on October 14, 2017

TIME: 9:00 am  – 4:00 pm


Forty-Seven Bronstone Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB

COST: $90


Limited to 10 participants

FACILITATORS:  Dale Bially and Carole Dufault have worked with the Enneagram since 1993 and have integrated it into their business and personal lives. They have trained extensively under the guidance of David Walsh and Carol Ann Gotch.

Carole Dufault Dale Bially


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Such a wonderful workshop yesterday! I’m still digesting everything I learned. Carole and Dale are great teachers and I hope to do another workshop soon!

** Workshop Participant