Enneagram Study Group for Young People

Deepening our understanding of the Enneagram and becoming conscious of our machine, as Gurdjieff called our compulsive self, cannot be done alone. It is invaluable to have others to witness our journey, to be heard and to hear others’ experiences, and to have our energetic patterns mirrored to us by the symbol. The goal of this group is to provide practice in growing consciousness – of our self and the world around us – and to encourage more soulful living through the harmonization of our three-centered being: body, heart, and head.

This group provides a non-judgmental community of people between the ages of 18 and 39 coming together to explore the wisdom of the Enneagram. We will visit different facets of the Enneagram using readings, meditations, exercises, and personal sharing to open us to the transformational power of the symbol that so often remains hidden from our automatic patterned ways of seeing the world.

The Introduction to the Enneagram or an equivalent is required, and we ask for a full 10-month commitment. Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether this group would be appropriate for you or any questions at all.

DATES: This Study Group will meet one Monday each month: October 30, November 27, December 18, January 29, February 26, March 26, April 30, May 28, June 26

TIME: 7:00 pm  – 9:00 pm


Forty-Seven Bronstone Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB

COST: $30 payable at each session


Limited to 10 participants

FACILITATORS: Beth Gage and Zachary Janzen have been studying the Enneagram under the guidance of Carol Ann Gotch, David Walsh, and Jane Powell for several years.  Beth has a background in the Arts and Zachary is taking a Masters in Psychology and Religion. They are excited to share the wisdom of the Enneagram and how it works and moves in our lives with other young people.

Beth and Zachary



To register for a study group, you can E-mail us or call us at 204-505-4895.