An Introduction to Discovering and Working with Archetypes – Workshop Series

3 Sundays –January 7, February 11, March 4, 2018


“She was born a Teacher.”  “He’s a natural Dancer.”  “I’ve always felt that I was a Healer.”  We’ve all heard or made statements similar to these.  They are statements that we all can relate to because they reflect humanity’s first (arkhe) stories (typos).

Human stories since the beginning of time are comprised of archetypal characters, Damsels in distress, Knights in shining armour, Kings, Queens and Jesters.  They are timeless, precisely because they are both collective and personal.  This workshop series will help us to identify our own archetypal stories.   We will work with the four common archetypes, the Child, the Prostitute, the Saboteur and the Victim, to help us get the sense of archetypal energy.  Participants will then be guided to find their own particular universal stories and we will end the series by casting our archetypal wheel.  This is where we connect our great stories to the astrological wheel opening the door to further study of how each of us is living out these Great Stories.

Reference: “Sacred Contracts” by Caroline Myss – 0-609-81011-1

* Before attending the first workshop participants will need to read chapter 5 and the appendix: The Gallery of Archetypes.


DATE: 3 Sundays – January 7, February 11, March 4, 2018

TIME: 9:30 am  – 3:30 pm


Forty-Seven Bronstone Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB

COST: $350 for 3 Sundays (lunches included)


January 3, 2017

Limited to 12 participants


Jane Powell has studied the enneagram under the guidance of mentors Carol Ann Gotch and David Walsh since 1985.  

She maintains a full time private business as a BodyTalk practitioner and is a dedicated enneagram teacher and spiritual director.  


Jane Powell


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“Exploring the archetypes with Jane is like having a personal tour guide on an internal journey of discovering who you really are. By meeting and coming into relationship with our archetypes, we embrace our shadow aspects and discover gifts and strengths and urges that have always been there. The teaching, sharing and receiving that happens in our archetypes group has been a powerful force of change and taken my spiritual awakening to a whole new level.”

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