Meditation CDs

Carol Ann Gotch is an artist of the interior life noting movements of the Spirit within. Her Background is in esoteric Christianity infused with extensive knowledge of the enneagram and relating spiritual traditions. She is your guide on these two CDs of meditations for your soul’s journey.

These CDs can each be purchased for $20 at any workshop or online by clicking the link below the CD.


Into the Silence – Meditation CD


Two Guided Meditations
(Dedicated to Gloria Havens)

     1. Into the Silence: This is a meditation that helps clear emotional reactive energy and mental clutter, and leads to the threshold of silence.

     2. Into the Heart of Beatitudes: This meditation prepares you to ascend the Mount of Beatitudes to meet Jesus, the teacher.




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Into the Breath – Meditation CD




Two Guided Meditations
 (Dedicated to Sister Leonne Valois)

   1. This meditation guides us, with the support of the breath, to move around the 9-3-6, cycle of the enneagram symbol.

     2. We begin this meditation by selecting a concrete object to accompany us as we are guided around the 1-4-2-8-5-7 cycle of the enneagram symbol.