Spiritual Direction

“Within each of us dwells the desire to find meaning beyond the moment… to discover our true selves…  to grow closer to God and to one another.

A spiritual director can help you satisfy that longing.”     Spiritual Directors International

If you are seeking spiritual direction, you are:

  • an explorer of the interior life;
  • seeking to go beyond the limitations of your own personality;
  • wanting to reflect deeply on your ordinary everyday experiences;
  • and recognize that the divine is seeking an intimate relationship with you, just as much as you are with the divine;
  • wanting to commit to regular (monthly? bi-monthly?) meetings with your director ;
  • wanting to grow in interior freedom through self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and to be accountable to yourself.

There are several people within the Inscapes community who have undergone specific training in spiritual direction through programs such as Prairie Jubilee or Shekinah. The charge for this service is arranged with your spiritual director.

If you wish to discuss how this might be a fit for you, you may contact Dale Bially at 204-505-4895 or by email at Email Dale to set up an appointment at no charge.