Study Groups

Why join a Study Group?

Gurdjieff referred to the human as a ‘machine’ since we function on automatic most of the time. In order to grow, we need others to witness our journey, to have our patterns mirrored to us, to be heard and to hear study group bnr notyoe:Layout 1others’ experiences. A study group provides this opportunity to grow as we gather with like minded people to explore our human stories through the lens of the enneagram symbol.

Participants in these study groups must commit to the full 10 months. If you must miss a meeting, one of the group facilitators will catch you up prior to the next month’s meeting

A Study Group in the Oral Tradition of the Enneagram

 10 Month Evening Series Starting October 24, 2017 (Read More…)

 10 Month Morning Series Starting November 16, 2017  (Read More…)

The enneagram is a multi-layered symbol of transformation that provides a structure and a process for self-knowledge. It opens up a way for the complete development of the human being — mind, heart and body.

The enneagram does not simply show us our compulsive behaviour, it also reveals our innate gifts. This gradual awakening takes us deeper into the symbol, towards a rediscovery of the individual expression of love that is our authentic self.

Reading books and watching videos are modern ways of learning about the enneagram but for centuries people have been sharing the wisdom of this symbol in the oral tradition of study groups.

This oral tradition continues at Inscapes with a new study group that is for anyone interested in deepening their work with the enneagram types, the symbol, and its movement in our lives. We meet one day per month.


Masculinity and the Enneagram: Study Group for Men

 10 Month Series Starting September 14, 2017

Consciously embodying masculine energy is a difficult task in our culture, where many males lack initiatory experiences, and fewer and fewer of us pause to ask – what does being a man mean for me? Using the transformational symbol of the Enneagram, we will explore questions like this, challenging our automatic patterns and opening to new expressions of the men that we are. Archetypal masculinity can lead us to self-knowledge and the movement of soul in our lives, rather than strictly being about gendered or stereotypical roles. (Read More…)

An Enneagram Study Group on Creative Relating

 10 Month Series Starting September 21, 2017

The world needs a creative approach to its current state of division and violence. How will you choose to respond? Many of our world leaders regularly interact in a destructive way with the false promise of a more peaceful planet. The world needs something far more significant than promises – The World needs us to learn to relate to one another in a new and creative way.

 Working with the transformative properties of the enneagram this group will spend 10 months delving into the relational qualities of each space and how to find compassion and love in each relational encounter in our lives.

The extensive relational work of this group makes it suitable for anyone who has a desire to improve their interactions with the world around them and is a great resource for couples, co-workers and friends. (Read More…)