“Thanks for such a wonderful workshop yesterday! I’m still digesting everything I learnt but I thought I’d send a message to say Carole and Dale are great teachers and I hope to do another workshop soon!”

March 15, 2014 – Introduction to the Enneagram


 ” I just wanted to thank Dale and Carole again for providing us with such a refreshing, wonderful learning experience and retreat! Members of staff are still talking about how much they enjoyed learning about the enneagram and what type of energy they are.”

Catholic Women’s League of Canada
October 23 & 24 – In House Enneagram Personal Developement Retreat


“Thank you so much for Tools of Transformation and the sacred space you create for those participating at Inscapes.  I am feeling content and ready for the next step. “

May 11, 2013 – Tools of Transformation Workshop
” I found this workshop to be very insightful and helpful. I appreciate having a tool-kit to help me keep returning home to myself.”
Workshop Participant
 May 11, 2013 – Tools of Transformation Workshop 
“Thank you for being a role model for us.  I enjoyed every workshop and took away valuable lessons.”
Workshop Participant
 May 11, 2013 – Tools of Transformation Workshop 


“Wow what a workshop.  I’m figuring myself out and what  I need to remember is to be kinder to myself.  I am also able to understand others better.”

March 9, 2013 – The Three Centres Workshop
“I thought the Fear Workshop was quite good and I was glad to be a part of this gathering.  Carol Ann and David are both very insightful. The lunch and breaks were excellent, my compliments to the chef. “
February 23, 2013 – Fear and the Enneagram


“Thanks for the insights , so cogently outlined with clarifying examples. Dale and Carole are great teachers and compliment each other so well. Lots to think about revisiting this concept after so many years and having this  fresh understanding. Thank you so much for an excellent session.”

Workshop Participant
December 4, 2012 – Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop 

” It was very helpful to have the information presented in such a kind, non-judgemental way, generally.  That helped me to not fire up my crazy-person-self-judgement triggery points (a feat).”

November 3, 2012 – Instincts Workshop
“I had the great pleasure of having Carole and Dale complete a presentation on the enneagram to a group of 20 women attending my 5th annual yoga retreat. Their extensive knowledge and passion on the subject  emanated the room, encouraging each and every attendant to dig deep into their inner being to develop an understanding and self knowledge of their personality type. Every year I have a different guest present a topic related to health and wellbeing.  This year I have had very positive feedback and interest in the topic of enneagram and how it complements the practice of yoga.  I would encourage everyone to see this presentation and to develop a self awareness of who you are as a person to help you be the change you desire in your life.”
Yoga Instructor
October 27, 2012 – Introduction to Enneagram Yoga Retreat 

“I found the presentation very intriguing, and many of the ideas that were examined are still simmering in my mind. It was obvious that we barely scratched the surface of the wealth of knowledge you guys have regarding the enneagram, but you did a great job of highlighting the main points to a group that was new to many of these ideas. You have a wonderful report with each other and it translated into a very engaging presentation, that was both entertaining and very informative. The breakdown of the traits and their related real-life examples really hit home in some instances. And though not always flattering, being able to recognize your behaviours (and those you interact with) within these categories was really eye opening. I look forward to learning more about the enneagram and being able to implement it’s wisdom within my life and relationships.

Workshop Participant
 October 27, 2012 – Introduction to Enneagram Yoga Retreat 


“Our congregation had several members and friends interested in learning more about themselves through the e Enneagram. I arranged with Dale and Carole their leadership for a one-day introduction or refresher to the Enneagram and it was a wonderful day. People who had done some work previously learned some new possibilities and those who were newer to the work were honestly excited to begin. The response to Dale and Carole’s leadership was very positive – they are so down-to-earth and comfortable that they allow everyone else to feel comfortable – even in the middle of some possibly very ‘big’ personal learning.”

Rev. Shelly Manley-Tannis
The United Church in Meadowood
June 15, 2012 – Introduction to the Enneagram Workshop 
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